Supporting Children & Families to Build a Stronger Wyoming for Tomorrow



Wyomingites abide by an unspoken code that recognizes and values people and communities as fundamental assets. With this concept in mind, Wyoming Kids First uses an approach that is grassroots in nature; we believe that people support what they help to create. We  encourage communities  to identify and leverage their strengths, share early childhood resources,  and tailor successful early childhood  initiatives from elsewhere in the state and nation to the uniqueness of local children and families. Our work to support children and families in local communities sustains our part of a shared commitment to make Wyoming a great place to live, work and raise a family.


Wyoming Kids First works with communities in which there is strong leadership and ownership among stakeholders, as well as a desire to do better for their children and families. We facilitate collaboration at the county, school district, or community level to help all partners identify a comprehensive plan for early childhood care in their community that ensures children are prepared for success in school and life. In other words, we bring together parents and families, early childhood caregivers and educators, K-12 school professionals, physical and mental health providers, and the broader community to engage in thoughtful dialogue, strategic planning, and intentional action to create, extend, and connect a system of services that supports the community’s children and families.


Contact us if you are interested in having Wyoming Kids First facilitate your community’s conversation about the system of early childhood services available for your children and families.