How We Work

Working towards a Wyoming where children soar


Wyoming Kids First works to create improved early childhood programs and services to ensure Wyoming’s young children are supported during their early years of critical growth and development. Equipped with the latest research and resources, we promote a comprehensive vision for early childhood work at the state and community level, striving to get everyone from state legislators to parents to early care providers on board and doing their part to improve the future success of our young children.


We play an integral role in the statewide effort to improve early childhood outcomes. We collaborate with the Wyoming Early Childhood State Advisory Council and other statewide organizations to advocate for Wyoming’s young children and families. We work to keep legislators informed of early childhood research and data so that they connect family- and child-centric policies with strong implementation plans that improve our collective efforts and outcomes. Additionally, we serve as a statewide repository of early childhood information and resources and work to keep early childhood stakeholders across Wyoming up to date on current research, news and opportunities.



A systemic approach to early childhood work


At the community level, we help bring together individuals invested in early childhood work—parents and families, early care and education providers, K-12 educators, health professionals, businesses, policy makers, churches and others—to discuss how to best improve the community’s system of early childhood programs and services. We help people—individually and collectively—see how their work contributes to the bigger picture of ensuring Wyoming’s children are safe, valued, healthy, and prepared for success in school and in life. Read more about our work at the community level here, and learn more about our systemic approach here.




Contact us if you are interested in having Wyoming Kids First facilitate your community’s conversation about the system of early childhood services available for your children and families.