Wyoming Kids First is privileged to work with a number of communities across the state. As part of our role supporting community-level work, we believe in sharing information and resources that bolster this work.


Spotlight Programs

Many communities have developed innovative solutions to their early childhood needs. Join us in learning about and celebrating the successes of the following community-inspired programs: the Early Childhood Liaison Program, Book & a Bite, and Practice Kindergarten.

Frameworks & Templates

A great amount of work has been done developing program frameworks and materials in the early childhood field. Rather than recreating the wheel, we believe in sharing frameworks and templates so that communities can use or build upon what already exists when it makes sense. We hope these materials serve as a useful guide for local efforts!

Early Childhood Organizations and Resources

Check out the many great Early Childhood organizations and resources that exist in Wyoming. Connect with those in your community!


Please contact us with questions or resources to be shared and added to our website!